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HW Engineered Wood Veneer, EV, Sliced Veneer

Short Description:


  • Loading Quantity: 20’GP-8pallets/22CBM, 40’HQ-14pallets/50CBM
  • MOQ: 1X20’FCL
  • Supply Ability: 5000CBM/Month
  • Payment Terms:  T/T or L/C
  • Delivery Time: Within 20 days after deposit confirmation
  • Certification: CE, FSC, EUTR, CARB,EPA, JAS, ISO
  • Material: Rotary Veneer/Engineered Veneer/custom
  • Size:1270*2500mm,1270*2200mm, 1270*1900mm,970*200mm, 970*1900mm or customize
  • Thickness: 0.15mm-1.5mm
  • Glue: E0/E1 
  • Formaldehyde Release: E0≤0.5mg/L, E1≤1.5mg/L, E2≤5.0mg/L
  • Moisture Content:  <12%


Product Detail

A sliced veneer is a type of thin wood veneer that is produced by slicing a log into thin sheets using a rotary cutter. This process produces a continuous sheet of veneer with a uniform thickness and a consistent grain pattern. Sliced veneer is often used for decorative purposes, such as in furniture-making or in the production of paneling or cabinetry.

There are several types of sliced veneer, including rotary-cut veneer, flat-cut veneer, quarter-cut veneer, and rift-cut veneer. Each type of sliced veneer is produced by cutting the log in a different way, resulting in a unique grain pattern and appearance.

Sliced veneer is typically sold in large sheets or rolls and is available in a wide variety of wood species and finishes. It is a popular choice for those looking to add a natural, high-quality finish to their woodworking projects.


OKOUME 0.2/0.25/0.3/0.4/0.55/0.6/0.7MM 4X8(1280X2560MM) 40HC 15-25DAYS  
PENCIL CEDAR 0.2/0.25/0.3/0.4/0.45MM 4X8(1280X2560MM) 40HC 15-25DAYS  
PLB 0.25/0.3MM 4X8(1280X2560MM) 40HC 15-25DAYS  
BINTANGOR 0.2/0.25/0.3/0.4/0.45/0.5MM 4X8(1280X2560MM) 40HC 15-25DAYS  
PINE 0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8MM 4X8(1280X2560MM) 40HC 15-25DAYS  
EV 0.2-1.5MM 4X8(1280X2560MM) 40HC 15-25DAYS  
Grade A, B, C, D  
Specification Grade A: No discolor, No fiber, No hole, No splits
Grade B: Slight discolor, small crack, No hole, No fiber
Grade C: Medium discolor, Slight pin, bean hole, Light fiber
Grade D: Discolor, splits, egg-size holes no more than 3


Lead time 10-25days after the deposit received  
Shipping terms: FOB, CNF, CIF
Package: Standard Seaworthy packing
Inner Packing: The pallet is wrapped with a 0.20mm plastic paper
Outer Packing: The pallet is covered with plywood or carton and then PVC/steel tapes for strength
Also, 6*3 metal belt


products samples For free samples, need to pay the delivery fees of 1-2 days for ready samples, customized for 15 days.
After-sales services After receiving goods, if any quality problem, take photos and send them to us. Then provide you free boards to replace in the next order after checking.
Product customization no strict requirement about the size, but the tailored way should be basic on the basic material’ size.

Sliced Veneer Feature

1. Thinness: Sliced veneer is very thin, usually ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm in thickness, which makes it easy to handle and apply to a variety of surfaces.
2. Consistency: Sliced veneer is produced using a rotary cutter, which results in a continuous sheet of veneer with a consistent thickness and grain pattern.
3. Wide range of wood species: Sliced veneer is available in a wide range of wood species, including both domestic and exotic hardwoods.
4. Flexibility: Sliced veneer is flexible and can be easily bent or curved to fit the contours of a surface, making it ideal for use in furniture-making and other woodworking projects.
5. Cost-effective: Sliced veneer is often less expensive than solid wood, making it an attractive option for those on a budget.
6. Environmentally friendly: Sliced veneer is a sustainable and eco-friendly option, as it allows for more efficient use of wood resources and reduces waste.

Product Show

Sliced Veneer
Sliced Veneer
Sliced Veneer
Sliced Veneer
Sliced Veneer
Sliced Veneer

About the company

1. HW Group is your plywood manufacturer in China which can produce customized products with professional technology.
2. OUR MISSION is endless innovation, providing customers with high-quality products and services.
4. MAIN PRODUCTS: Thin Plywood, Furniture Grade plywood, Commercial Plywood, Film faced plywood, Fancy Plywood, LVL, and so on
5. CAPACITY Factory was established in 2002, located in Pizhou City, Jiangsu Province, covering
30,000 square meters, has 200 workers with 50.000CBM/year capacity, exports 1000 containers per year
6. ADVANTAGE 1)Professionalmanufacture technology and strong global resource meet your variety of demands. 2)Perfect and independent inspection system 3)Owner equips very fluent spoken English will further promote strategic partnership building between the two sides. 4)Honest and trustworthy. Responsible until after-sales.
7. MAIN MARKET Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.
8. SERVICE HW has a sales team, docs team, quality inspection team, and logistics team


EV veneers also named reconstituted veneers laminated plywood,
is one of our best-selling furniture grade of boards. We usually
recommend customers for the Poplar core, combi core, and Eucalyptus
Core strives for high-end quality products. surface species can
be a lot of different series, like oak, teak, poplar, cherry, and so on,
and we are working with several big mills of recon veneers producer
for multichoice. and this product is ideal for the furniture grade and
countertop material first choice

Sliced Veneer


Q: What is the difference between sliced veneer and peeled veneer?

A: Sliced veneer is produced by slicing a log into thin sheets using a rotary cutter, while peeled veneer is produced by peeling the log into thin sheets using a lathe. Sliced veneer has a more consistent grain pattern, while peeled veneer has a more irregular pattern.

Q: How is sliced veneer used?

A: Sliced veneer is used for decorative purposes, such as in furniture-making, cabinetry, and paneling. It is also used in the production of musical instruments, such as guitars and pianos.

Q: Can sliced veneer be stained or painted?

A: Yes, a sliced veneer can be stained or painted just like solid wood. However, it is important to sand the veneer lightly before applying any finishes to ensure that the surface is smooth and free of imperfections.

Q: How is sliced veneer produced?

A: Sliced veneer is produced by first selecting a log of wood and then slicing it into thin sheets using a rotary cutter. The sheets are then dried and sanded to the desired thickness and smoothness.

Q: Is sliced veneer environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, sliced veneer is a sustainable and eco-friendly option, as it allows for more efficient use of wood resources and reduces waste.

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