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1250x2500mm FSC Certified B/BB BB/CP Baltic Full Birch

Short Description:


  • 1250x2500mm FSC Certified B/BB BB/CP Baltic Full Birch Plywood 
  • Loading Quantity: 20’GP-8pallets/20CBM, 40’HQ-16pallets/40CBM
  • MOQ: 1X20’FCL
  • Supply Ability: 5000CBM/Month
  • Payment Terms:  T/T or L/C
  • Delivery Time: Within 20 days after deposit confirmation
  • Certification: CE, FSC, EUTR, CARB, EPA, JAS, ISO
  • Material:  Baltic Birch, Russia Birch, Latvia Birch
  • Size: 1220x2440mm/1250x2500mm/custom
  • Thickness: 2.4-50mm/custom
  • Glue:  E0/E1/Melamine/Phenolic-WBP/Custom
  • Formaldehyde Release: E0≤0.5mg/L, E1≤1.5mg/L, E2≤5.0mg/L
  • Density: 680-700KGS/CBM
  • Moisture Content:  <12%


Product Detail

Product Description

Full Birch Plywood (also called throughout birch plywood)

Baltic Birch Plywood Full Sheets 


(1) . Face/back: Birch
(2). The grade of face/back: B/BB; BB/BB; BB/CP; CP/CP; C/C Russian grade (C+/C; C/C; C/D; D/D; E/E US grade)
(3). Core: Birch
(4). The grade of the core: AA grade, A+ grade, A grade
(5). Glue: MR glue, WBP(melamine), WBP(phenolic), E1&MR glue, better E1&MR glue, WBP(better E1&melamine),WBP(better E1&phenolic), E0, E1, E2
(6). Size: 1220X2440mm, 1250X2500mm, 1500X3000mm, 1525X1525mm / 48”X96”, 60”X60”, 4’X8′
(7). Thickness: 2.4mm-30mm
(8). Packing: Standard seaworthy packing.

The characteristics of full birch plywood

(1) . There is a big difference between the prices of birch face/backs of different grades. For example, B Russian grade face is 4-6 times as expensive as E Russian grade face.

(2). The plywood is well-sanded and very flat and smooth.
(3). The density of full birch plywood is much higher than poplar core plywood.
(4). The birch core veneers are all whole-piece core veneers.
(5). The inner quality is good and prices are much higher.


We supply Baltic Birch plywood because of several reasons:

1. Birch is a very strong material. Plywood made of birch is an extremely hard and stable material providing extraordinary technical features.
2. The appearance of Russian (Baltic) birch is very attractive and suitable for furniture and decoration.
3. The holding strength of Baltic birch plywood is really good.

1250x2500mm FSC Certified B/BB BB/CP Baltic Full Birch Feature

1. Strength and Durability: Baltic Birch plywood is known for its strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.
2. High-Quality Finish: The plywood has a smooth and consistent surface finish on both sides, which makes it an ideal material for applications that require a high-quality finish.
3. Consistent Thickness: The plywood is manufactured to precise thickness tolerances, ensuring consistent thickness throughout the sheet.
4. FSC Certification: The plywood is FSC certified, which means that it comes from responsibly managed forests, and its production has met stringent environmental and social standards.
5. Full Birch Introduction: The plywood is made entirely from birch wood, with no other types of wood mixed in, which gives it a unique appearance and excellent performance characteristics.
6. Versatility: Baltic Birch plywood can be used for a wide range of applications, including furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and construction, among others.

The common construction/quality-requirement of full birch plywood Customers usually require full birch plywood as the following:

SEQ No. FBP-1:
Full Birch Plywood, B/BB, BB/BB, BB/CP grade as per Russian grading system (or C+/C; C/C; C/D grade as per US grading system ) birch F/B, A grade birch core, WBP(phenolic) glue

 By glue.
– Exterior (WBP meaning Water Boiled Proof) or
– Interior (MR meaning Moisture Resistant) glues.
In both cases formaldehyde emission is E1 and in most cases CARB Phase 2 certified

Delivery Instructions

Packing Standard Export Pallet Packing Inner Packing The pallet is wrapped with a 0.20mm plastic bag
Outer Packing The pallet is covered with plywood or carton and then PVC/steel tapes for strength
Loading Quantity 20’GP 8pallets/20cbm
40’GP 16pallets/40cbm
40’HQ 18pallets/40cbm

Packaging and Containerization of Full Birch Plywood:

packing 02
packing 03

Application of Full Birch Plywood:

For interior application as high-quality furniture/roofing panel/underlayment/subfloor; for exterior application as high-quality building materials/fences/signs and so on .



Q: What does the term “Baltic” mean in Baltic Birch plywood?

A: “Baltic” refers to the region where the birch trees used to make the plywood are grown. The Baltic region includes countries such as Russia, Finland, and Estonia.

Q: What does the term “FSC Certified” mean?

A: FSC Certified means that the plywood has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, an international organization that promotes responsible forest management. FSC certification ensures that the wood used to produce the plywood comes from responsibly managed forests.

Q: What do the grading terms B/BB and BB/CP mean?

A: B/BB and BB/CP refer to the grading of the plywood. B/BB means that the plywood has a B-grade face and a BB-grade back, while BB/CP means that the plywood has a BB-grade face and a CP-grade back. The grading system is used to indicate the quality of the surface finishes on each side of the plywood.

Q: What is “Full Birch Introduction”?

A: “Full Birch Introduction” means that the plywood is made entirely from birch wood, with no other types of wood mixed in. This gives the plywood a unique appearance and excellent performance characteristics.

Q: What are some common applications for Baltic Birch plywood?

A: Baltic Birch plywood can be used for a wide range of applications, including furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and construction, among others.

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