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The Application and Performance of Wire Mesh Plywood in Construction Projects

What does plywood with wire mesh mean?

Plywood with integrated wire mesh is referred to as wire mesh plywood, a composite building material used to improve regular plywood’s mechanical and performance qualities. In this composite, the manufacturing process secures a layer of wire mesh into the plywood panel. When combined well, this yields a stronger, more resilient, and longer-lasting product than typical plywood.

The embedded wire mesh improves the plywood’s resistance to bending, tension, and compression stresses by acting as reinforcement. In applications like concrete formwork, flooring systems, wall panels, and roof sheathing, where structural stability and load-bearing capability are crucial, mesh plywood is very useful. Under difficult circumstances, the wire mesh efficiently disperses loads and stops the plywood from warping, flexing, or breaking.

The Use of Wire Mesh Plywood in Construction Projects and Its Performance:

The building material known as wire mesh plywood, often called wire mesh-reinforced plywood, mixes conventional plywood with embedded wire mesh to improve its overall performance. Due to its special qualities, this composite material has been used in various building projects. Let’s examine its performance and application aspects:

Applications of wire mesh plywood:

  • Formwork and Shuttering:

Wire mesh plywood is frequently employed as formwork or shuttering for concrete casting. The embedded wire mesh is reinforced and prevents the plywood from bending or cracking under the weight of wet concrete. Additionally, it improves the concrete’s finished exterior.

  • Flooring Systems: 

It can be utilized as an underlayment for flooring systems in building projects. A sturdy surface for completed flooring materials is produced by its increased strength, which distributes stresses and avoids bending or drooping.

  • Wall Panels: 

Strong and long-lasting wall panels can be made using mesh plywood. It is especially helpful when structural stability and impact resistance are crucial, such as in high-traffic commercial buildings.

  • Roof Sheathing: 

This plywood is a sturdy foundation for roofing materials when used as roof sheathing. The reinforcement provided by the wire mesh improves the roof’s overall structural integrity by distributing the weight of the roofing materials.

  • Exterior Cladding:

 It can occasionally be used as a substrate for external cladding systems. The mesh reinforcing enhances the material’s resistance to wind loads and other environmental conditions.

Performances of wire mesh plywood:

  • Strength: 

The main benefit of it is that it is stronger than regular plywood. The embedded wire mesh increases the material’s tensile strength, making it more resistant to failure from large loads or bending pressures.

  • Durability: 

The material’s durability is improved by adding wire mesh to the plywood. It can tolerate collisions, vibrations, and other stressors without deforming or deteriorating.

  • Impact Resistance: 

The increased impact resistance of mesh plywood makes it suited for use in settings where there is a lot of foot traffic or where the material may be subject to impacts or loads.

  • Dimensional stability:

 By assisting in preventing warping and twisting, the wire mesh reinforcement aids in ensuring that the material retains its intended dimensions over time.

  • Fire Resistance: 

Compared to conventional plywood, mesh plywood may display better fire resistance, depending on the type of wire mesh used. This adds a layer of protection.

  • Flexibility:

 It may be tailored to meet different building requirements, making it suitable for various applications without sacrificing performance.

  • Installation Pros: 

Despite its improved qualities, it is frequently simple to work with and can be cut, moulded, and placed using typical building methods and tools.

  • Cost-Effectiveness:

 Although mesh plywood may initially cost slightly more than regular plywood, its improved performance and durability can result in long-term cost savings by lowering the need for repairs and replacements.

Benefits of film-faced plywood with anti-slip wire mesh:

  • The film-faced plywood’s phenolic adhesive can sand concrete’s surface; the hexagonal / mesh surface offers anti-slip protection if one side is anti-slip.
  • High wear resistance, resistance to cracking, resistance to alkali, resistance to abrasion, and resistance to erosion.
  • It can withstand the effects of several environments, including chemicals, -40 to +50 °C resistance to temperature change.
  • The concrete’s working life is prolonged by the water-resistant coating.
  • There is no colour bleed between the concrete and the plywood used for the concrete shutters.
  • Low amounts of phenol, aldehydes, and other harmful pollutants.
  • If the product is cut, spray weatherproof paint over the cut edges so it may be used again in a smaller size.
  • Combi core plywood with a birch core is stronger than a poplar core and has a birch core as its best component.

The Versatility and Strength of Film-Faced Plywood with Anti-Slip Wire Mesh:

A strong and adaptable building material, anti-slip wire mesh film-faced plywood combines the advantages of film-faced plywood with the additional benefit of an anti-slip wire mesh surface. Due to its outstanding versatility and strength, this combination produces a product well-suited for various building applications.

  • Versatility:

The capacity of anti-slip wire mesh film-facing plywood to meet various building demands gives it versatility. It can be used for:

  • Formwork:

 The anti-slip surface helps maintain stability during concrete casting, improving worker safety.

  • Flooring:

It works well as an underlayment for various flooring systems, especially in locations that need to be slip-resistant, including outdoor or industrial environments.

  • Platforms and Walkways: 

Because of its anti-slip properties, it is perfect for building sturdy walkways and platforms in construction zones or public areas.


Wire mesh plywood offers a significant alternative in construction endeavours where strength, durability, and performance are crucial. Its use extends to formwork, flooring, wall panels, roof sheathing, and external cladding, enhancing the built environment’s structural integrity and lifespan. The adaptability of anti-slip wire mesh film-coated plywood in building applications and its improved strength make it stand out. Super Quality Plywood is a product that XUZHOU CHANGYU has offered to the building, furniture, and automobile sectors—for over 15 years, with a sole concentration on plywood. More than 100 competent staff and cutting-edge machinery will ensure on-time delivery.

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