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What kind of plywood do you use for a camper?


Caravan Ply / Campers Plywood /RV Plywod is a thin plywood of between 2.4 and 3.6mm thick with a covering of either sealed paper or polyester. This light weight product is perfect when fitting out a caravan as it will keep the weight to a minimum and give your van a clean look. With the range of colors and textures available there will be a product to suit your style and taste. This interior wall and ceiling paneling is not restricted to caravans it can be used anywhere internal.

E-WOOD Thin plywood 01

PVC Caravan Thin Plywood (7)_

The type of wood that goes into the construction of plywood is fundamental to determining its weight. Typically, Paulownia/Balsa is the preferred choice for lightweight plywood. Although lighter woods exist, they’d be too light for use in building applications – considering the building industry is one of the biggest consumers of plywood, this would make it impractical. Paulownia / Balsa is lightweight enough to bend and flex, but heavy enough to offer at least some degree of structural strength.

Paulownia Block Board Substrate

Paulownia Multilayer

Paulownia Block board substrate 01

Paulownia Plywood

Lightweight plywood has numerous uses but is particularly popular for making furniture. Whereas heavier materials and solid wood can be unwieldy, lightweight plywood is remarkably easy to use. As it can be bent, it’s a great choice for curved surfaces. Some of its other uses include:

  • Ceilings
  • Caravan 
  • camper vans
  • Recreational vehicle (RV) 
  • Interior cladding
  • Boats
  • Yacht

Our light weight plywood are often overlaid with Colors Paper, PVC film, PET film, HPL and so on.

Using 02

Using 08

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