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What is the difference between Marine Plywood and Structural Plywood?


Glue Line

  • Marine plywood
    Has a permanent type A
    phenolic bond
  • Structural plywood
    Has a permanent type A phenolic bond

Timber Species

  • Marine plywood
    Can be made from timber selected for its density, bending strength, lightness, surface finishing characteristics & impact resistance
  • Structural plywood
    Is normally made from exotic pinus species plywood which have a stringy tough characteristic. These species are not naturally durable but are provided in treated form for extreme situations

Structure (lay ups)

  • Marine plywood
    Is normally layed up with high quality veneers throughout all the veneer layers.Voids, gaps or knots are not allowed
  • Structural plywood
    Can be layed up with low grade veneers in the middle layers. Can have gaps, knots & voids

Finish (sanding)

  • Marine plywood
    Fine sanded both faces
  • Structural plywood
    Can range from unsanded both sides, sanded one side to sanded both sides


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