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CHANGYU-HW WOOD–A professional plywood Manufacturer from China


CHANGYU-HW WOOD is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and developing various sorts of plywood, film faced plywood, LVL and any other plywood. It is widely used in automotive interior panels, furniture making ,building materials, pallet, and other relevant enterprises.

Depending on the advantage of the base of the plywood and in line with the domestic circumstances,the product could be reused so many times. As a result, our products are selled well in Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, America, Japan, Britain, the Middle East etc. CHANGYU-HW WOOD has been devoting to producing and marketing various plywood and wood products since 2002. The average volume of our export is between 3 and 5 thousand cubic meters per month now. With the increase of our business transaction and the extension of the world market, CHANGYU-HW WOOD has been used to meeting our company development needs and improving our ability in customer service and business operation.

The rapid growth of China’s economy has become a strong pull to promote the demand of plywood market.
Timber from fast-growing and high-yield forests in North China, East China and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River has flooded into the market in large quantities, as well as the continuous supplement of high-quality broadleaf timber from abroad, providing abundant raw materials for the continuous development of China’s plywood industry. Shandong and northern Jiangsu, such as Xuzhou, have become the major production places of plywood.

Adequate human resources are also an important factor in the cost accounting of China’s plywood industry compared with other plywood producing countries.
The quality of Chinese plywood products itself has also been greatly improved, making it increasingly competitive in the international market.
China is not only a big plywood exporter, but also the world’s largest plywood producer.

Welcome the domestic and foreign merchants to come to discuss cooperation, we also hope social talents and people of vision join in our company,  to build Hongwei’s great work.


●HW Group is your plywood manufacturer in China which can produce customized products with professional technology.
●OURMISSION is endless innovation,providing customers with high quality products and services.
MAIN PRODUCTS: Thin Plywood, Furniture Grade plywood, Commercial Plywood, Film faced plywood, Fancy Plywood, LVL, and so on
●CAPACITY Factory was established in 2002, located in Pizhou city, Jiangsu Province, covering
30,000 square meters, has 200 workers with 50.000CBM/year capacity, exports 1000 containers per year
●ADVANTAGE 1)Professionalmanufacture technology and strong global resource meet your variety demand. 2)Perfect and independent inspection system 3)Owner equips very fluent spoken English will further promote strategic partnership building between two sides. 4)Honest and trustworthy.responsible until after-sales.
●MAIN MARKET Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, Asia and Africa.
●SERVICE HW has the sales team, docs team ,quality inspection team and logistics team



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