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Anti-Slip Red Film Faced Plywood

Short Description:

Anti-Slip Red Film Faced Plywood is an Engineered Plywood with high quality and applicability,  Coated With Brown, Black, Red Or Gray Film. The patterned phenolic film  surface is semi-glossy, hard and resistant to impact and abrasion. Its widely used for House Building, Road Construction, Concrete Project, Scaffolding, Bridge Beams, and all kind of Flooring ( In The Transportation Industry, The Heavy Duty  Pattern Face Gives Superlative Slip Resistance).

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Hexagonal Anti-slip Film Faced Plywood / Red Anti-slip Film Faced Plywood

There is a new pattern of anti-slip film faced plywood called Hexagonal Anti-slip Film Faced Plywood , which is different from the pattern of wire-mesh anti-slip film faced plywood. 

1).  Face and Back:

Hexagonal Pattern Wire Mesh Grey / Brown / Black Phenolilc Resin Film 220 g/m2 or other colors upon request

Domestic black /brown wiremesh/smooth film, Imported wiremesh/smooth film

2). Species Of Core Veneers:

Russian Birch Ply / Baltic Birch Ply / Eucalyptus Ply / Poplar Ply / Combi Ply

3). Glue:

Phenolic-WBP,  Melamine-WBP

4). Sizes:

1200mm X 2440mm, 1500mm X 3000mm or upon request

Width: 1200mm, 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1525mm, 1800mm, 1830mm, 2000mm or other width no more than 2000mm;

Length: 2400mm, 2440mm , 2500mm, 3000mm, 3050mm, 3600mm, 3660mm, 4270mm, 4575mm, 4880mm, 5185mm or other length no more than 6000mm;

5). Thickness:

9mm / 12mm / 15mm / 18mm / 21mm / 24mm / 27mm  (1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/8″ 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ ) or other thickness no more than 50mm

6) Edge: 

Sealed by water-proof paint

7)  Usage : 

Construction formwork panel/ Stairs/car trailers/ Container floor and wall/automotive engineering floor and side walls and 

other  special applications etc.

8 )  Mark: 

Our HW product series is an antislip/non skid film faced plywood with 1 side wiremesh film and the other side smooth phenolic 

resin coating/film.The application of  this our Meshplex is mainly:antislip floor and wall in car trailer/container body and also 

some other special occasions like stairs etc.As long as you have anti slip demand , you can consider our Meshplex.Except for anti slip function, 

Meshplex is also a strong panel(especially for flooring purpose).

It also enjoys same properties like film faced plywood in regards to moisture resistance/proof (depending on bonding glue  type).

Contact us if you need more info.


Advantages of Hexagonal Anti-slip Film Faced Plywood:

1)  The phenolic glue of the film faced plywood can smooth the surface of concrete; If one side is anti-slip, Hexagonal / Mesh surface provides anti-slip protection

2)  High Wear-Resistant,  Anti-Cracking,  Alkaline-Resistant,  Anti-Abrasive,  Anti-erosive; 

3)  Resistant to the effect of various environments, including chemicals, Resistance to temperature variation -40 to +50 °C

4)  The water-proof coating and estend the working life of the concrete;

5)  There is no color contamination between the concrete and the concrete shuttering plywood;

6)  Low levels of aldhyde, phenol, and other toxic emissions;

7)  The product can be cut to small size to use again if it is cut, please spray waterproof paint on the edges which have been cut;

8)  Birch core, Combi core plywood is more firmly than poplar core, and the best core is Birch. 

Features & Advantages of our Anti-slip Film Faced Plywood:

Anti-slip properties
High Durability
Eco-friendly Waterproof - WBP
Decorative patterns
High wear resistance
Custom made upon your request
Our factory have produced anti-slip film faced plywood for over 10 years. Experienced workers and Fine Management lead to premium quality for global market.

Anti-Slip Film Faced Plywood 5

Delivery Instructions of Hexagonal Anti-slip Film Faced Plywood:

Packing Standard Export Pallet Packing Inner Packing Pallet is wrapped with a 0.20mm plastic bag
Outer Packing Pallet is covered with plywood or carton and then PVC/steel tapes for strength
Loading Quantity 20’GP 8pallets/22cbm
40’GP 16pallets/42cbm
40’HQ 18pallets/50cbm


Packaging and Containerization of Hexagonal Anti-slip Film Faced Plywood:

packing 02

Application of Hexagonal Anti-slip Film Faced Plywood:

Our Anti-Slip/Skid Film Faced Plywood widely use for vehicle floors. flight cases,ship decking, transport platforms etc.  


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